Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Problem With Clippings ...

--- they make you miss not having the original photo! 

                              My, but check out all those curls.

                     Egads, is that a scuff mark on his left shoe?!

                                     "Smirking?  Who, me?"

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Happy Birthday, Joan!

Bob and Joan Crawford ... a pairing on the screen that progressed from young and adorable in Untamed (1929) to ever so handsome in The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1937).  The camera loved both stars and captured a connection between the two that flattered them both.  For the lack of a better description, they simply had "IT" when sharing the screen.   
                                        Untamed (1929)

I have not always been a big fan of Ms. Crawford, but always, always had a great admiration and respect for her.  To come from such a tough environment and, yet, somehow manage to become one of the most famous and highest-paid women in the entire world ... whoa, impressive.  So much determination, drive, hard work, talent and whatever else it took for Lucille LeSeuer of San Antonio, Texas, to become Joan Crawford ... if I had only had 1/10th of that mix!

                              The Last of Mrs. Cheney (1937)

Bob and Joan also co-starred in Our Blushing Brides (1930), Letty Lynton (1932), Forsaking All Others (1934), and No More Ladies (1935).  Hey, Joan's birthday today sounds like a great excuse to watch one of their movies.  Let's see, I could once again strain my eyes watching my blurry copy of Letty Lynton (but oh so worth it!) or, maybe, enjoy the youthful exuberance of Untamed.  Decisions, decisions ... 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Live, Love and Learn A Little

There are a goodly number of delightful photos featuring Bob, Roz Russell and Robert Benchley that were taken to promo Live, Love and Learn (1937).  The stars appear to be enjoying themselves, a rather rare occurrence for performers doing publicity for their movies, I'd imagine. 

One of my many regrets re Mr. Montgomery is that he never appeared in a color movie, would love to see those blue eyes work their magic in a love scene!  The closest one can get to a Bob movie in color are colorized photos.  They can be interesting, but almost never show Bob with blue eyes, darn it.  Anyway, check out the two photos below.  I am not sure the color is an improvement.  The color of Roz's dress works, sort of, but that pink chair ... yeesch!

Did you notice that the two photos are not the same, besides the color?  I thought they were until I pulled the scans up for this post.  Bob's laughing in the second photo.  Roz has placed her hand on Robert's head, which has lulled slightly towards the camera.  Kinda nifty. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ten Photos of Bob (Taylor)!

Yes, it has been ages since I did anything on the other Robert at MGM.  How about ten photos of the handsome dude, from a collection of 2" x 3" cards produced by Ross.  The quality of Ross Verlag (German for Publishing) cards is always outstanding, great photos and production standards.  These are all nifty, have saved my personal favorite for last.